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A Slip-And-Fall Accident Can Result In Serious Injuries

Even seemingly minor injuries can be costly and prevent the injured from working for a long time. For help recovering compensation for medical expenses and lost wages after a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident in St. Louis or elsewhere in Missouri or Illinois, contact the compassionate attorneys at Edelman & Muehleisen LLC.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team have helped clients file effective injury claims and lawsuits having to do with:

  • Falls on stairs
  • Ladder falls
  • Elevator trip-and-fall accidents
  • Escalator falls
  • Falls on slippery surfaces
  • Falls from heights

A Prompt Investigation May Be The Key To Adequate Compensation

The sooner you have an attorney on your case the better after a slip-and-fall accident. This is true because it is important to gather evidence as soon as possible. Photos of the scene of the accident, interviews with eyewitnesses, building security records and surveillance videos are all much more readily shortly after a slip-and-fall accident than later on.

It is not uncommon for managers and maintenance crews to eliminate or destroy key evidence that could build a strong case to help an accident injury victim.

When A Slip-And-Fall Injury Takes Place As Part Of A Fight

Sometimes a fall injury is an element of another type of incident such as a bar fight. A prompt investigation may determine that the establishment in question had inadequate security in place to maintain order in a crowded space.

Was the bartender doing double duty as a bouncer the night that you were injured after an altercation broke out and you fell? We can help your case and work towards recovering compensation for injuries, such as:

  • A broken elbow
  • A broken knee
  • A broken hip
  • A broken arm
  • A head injury
  • A torn ligament
  • Back injuries

Contact Us After An Accident

Initial consultations at Edelman & Muehleisen LLC are free. If we represent you after a dog bite, a slip-and-fall or other type of premises accident, we will do so on a contingency basis, meaning that you will owe no attorneys’ fees until and unless we recover compensation for you.

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