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Back Injuries Can Be Difficult For Doctors To Diagnose And Treat Despite Expertise And Great Efforts

A person whose back is injured may require a long recovery time with little physical activity permitted. It often takes weeks or months to know whether healing has been successful. A back injury victim suffering from a herniated disk or a bulging disk may or may not respond well to common treatments such as:

  • Rest
  • Physical therapy involving exercises and stretching
  • Chiropractic care
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Pain management through injections, nerve blocks to deaden nerves
  • Prescription painkillers, which may result in drug dependency

Diagnostics such as MRIs can be costly and may or may not be effective at predicting the best treatment. When surgery is recommended as a last resort, complications and lasting negative side effects may create problems of their own. Surrounding vertebrae that take on larger loads may bring about new sources of pain. Ultimately, chronic pain and lasting disability may be the unfortunate outcomes of a back injury.

Your back injury may have been the result of a car accident, a workplace accident or a slip-and-fall accident in a retail establishment. Whatever the cause of your back injury and whatever course of treatment your physicians recommend, you should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. It is important to know your options. One of our St. Louis back injury lawyers with a track record of success can help ensure that you have the best chance at recovering maximum available compensation.

Herniated Disk Injury Representation For You

As you prepare to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit, do not be surprised if insurance company representatives try to avoid paying benefits. They may claim that your new injury is actually an old injury, and use that excuse to delaying payout of benefits. We represent clients who have suffered back injuries and brain injuries in both Missouri and Illinois.

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