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Help During The Complexities Of Dog Bite Situations

Each year aggressive dogs attack and bite over a half-million people. Some of these attacks are so vicious that the victim dies from the wounds. The majority of these victims are children. There are certain breeds of dogs that repeatedly prove to be the source of these attacks.

The team at Edelman & Muehleisen LLC has over 50 years of combined experience representing victims of dog or animal bites. We understand the trauma and dangers of these attacks, and the compensation you may be owed.

Steps To Take After A Dog Bite Attack

If you or your child has suffered from a dog bite, you should take steps to ensure your case has a positive outcome:

  1. Immediately seek medical attention and advice regarding rabies.
  2. If you are not familiar with the dog or its owner, contact your local animal control office and report the incident. Animal control officers may be able to locate the dog and determine its rabies vaccination status. They will likely also prepare an official report of the incident that will prove to be helpful in establishing your claim with the insurance company.
  3. If possible, obtain contact information about the owner of the dog.
  4. Once the initial medical treatment has been sought, it is vital to consult with an experienced dog bite attorney about your legal rights.

Fortunately, Missouri dog bite law has recently changed, making it easier to prove these cases. Owners are now held strictly liable (no evidence of prior dangerous or vicious propensities needed) for the actions of their dog.

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Our attorneys have represented victims throughout Missouri. If you’ve been hurt in a dog attack, contact Edelman & Muehleisen LLC and we’ll help you determine your legal rights and the best method of pursuing a case.